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Sri Lankan Youth, Internationally

We are always trying to open-up the avenues to expose Sri Lanka Youth to the Globe while empowering them to face the challenges. As we are in a global village and the world is at our door step, our Youth have to have the chance to feel that world’s smell. Sri Lanka Youth has the borne talents to be spot lighted in the global village and its our task to develop their talents to meet the international standards.

Amongst the different personal development programs to empower the Sri Lanka Youth in various aspects, the Youth exchange program is proven a success in exposing them to the world. Sharing of experience, live in different atmospheres, understanding the different cultural, social and behavioral patterns will support them to be more competent in their life.

Arranging International Symposiums, workshops, seminars and other similar events also very much supportive for the youth empowerment and these would add much value to their life.

Opening-up to the World will bring more to your life!

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